Nahla A. Abd Aljabar

Asst. Dr. Prof. , PhD

Email: [email protected]

Department: Medical Laboratory Science

Nahla Abdalhamid Abdaljabar is an Assistant Professor. she received her Ph.D. in chemistry (1986) from the University of Loughborough, UK. She was a teaching member of the Faculty of Education, Department of Chemistry at Sulaymaniah University (1979-1982), Salahaddin University (1983-1991) in the Kurdistan Region, and Tikrit University (1992-2012) in Iraq. She has been the head of the Department of Pharmaceuticals Chemistry (2005-2009) and Vice president for Scientific Affairs of the Faculty of Pharmacy (2010-2012), Tikrit University. In 2012 she joined the Medical laboratory Science department, College of Science, and currently the Dean of the college at Knowledge University (KNU) in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

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