Dyana Aziz Bayz

Asst. Lec

Email: [email protected]

Department: Petroleum Engineering

My name is Diana Aziz Bayez, I graduated from the Department of Geology, College of Science, University of Kirkuk in 2014. I received a Master's degree at Kirkuk University / College of Science / Department of Applied Geology (specializing in rocks and minerals). After graduation, I worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Geology for one year at my university. I worked as a teacher for 3 years at the Kirkuk National Oil Institute from (2014-2017). In the same year, she worked as the head of the Oil and Gas Institute in Kirkuk for three years (2014-2017). In 2018, I worked in the Mud Drilling Laboratory as a trainer in the North Oil Company for a month, inspecting the Churu and Chausur fields for use as drilling mud.

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