Ayub Mahdy Eddan

Asst. Lec , Master's degree

Email: [email protected]

Department: English Language Teaching

In 2018, I graduated from the College of Languages, English Department. I then taught at various institutes. In 2019, I pursued a Master’s degree in English Literature at Karabük University, Turkey, graduating in 2021 as one of the top students. Specializing in the Novel.

I earned a 150-hour TESOL certification from Arizona State University, USA, and completed various professional development courses to enhance my instructional abilities. In 2023, I finished a pedagogical course to refine my teaching methodologies.

Now, as an Assistant Lecturer in the ELT department at the College of Education, I teach undergraduate students from UG1 to UG4 across various modules, including linguistics, literature, and applied linguistics. As a young, passionate linguist and literature enthusiast, I bring a wealth of experience, having taught English courses from A1 to C2 levels, and specialize as an IELTS trainer.

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