Talib Khalil Ibrahim

Prof. , Ph.D.

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Department: Environmental Engineering

Talib Khalil Ibrahim,PhD holder from University of Manchester Institute of Science&Technology in United Kingdom and a professor at Department of Environmental Engineering,College of Engineering,Knowledge University /Erbil-Iraqi Kurdistan Region.I began my career as a researcher(then senior researcher&chair researcher) in Nuclear Research Center(NRC) in Baghdad from July 1978 to April 1998.During that period,I was lecturing and supervising MSc and PhD students in many Iraqi universities.After leaving NRC,continued teaching as  a full professor in chemistry department in the college of science/Salahaddin University(2001-2002). In october 2003 ,I was nominated as a Director General of Material Science Directorate in the Ministry of Science 
&Technology(MoST)/Baghdad till 2011. During that period,I was elected as Iraq representative to ARASIA board/IAEA-Vienna(2004-2010) and as a member of preparatory committee in Arab Atomic Energy Agency(AAEA) in Tunisia(2005-2010). In Feb.2011, I returned back to Kurdistan/Erbil and started a career at Tishik University,College of Dentistry teaching Restorative Dental Materials in the academic year 2011-2012.In october 2012 joined Chemistry Dept. in Soran University as a scientific visitor. In December 2013 joined Knowledge University ,Dept. Of Environmental Engineering/College of Engineering.In 2015 I was nominated as Head of Environmental Engineering,then as Dean of College of Engineering of the same 
university(2016-2021). In addition to my post as a Dean,I took the responsibility of the president of Knowledge University for the period March 2019 to October 2019.Nominated as Vice President for Scientific Affairs in Knowledge University in November 2021. In the period of my career I attended more than 40 international conferences,workshops,and technical meetings.Head and member of more than 35 MSc and PhD viva. Nationally awarded three medals.

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