Abdul Nasser Mahmood Fatah

Lec. , Ph.D. candidate

Email: [email protected]

Department: Petroleum Engineering

My official name is Abdel Nasser Mahmoud Fatah, and those close to me are calling me Nasser. I was born in Baghdad / Iraq in October 1970, and I am the youngest of my brothers and sisters, so my childhood was calm and close to everyone. In the primary school levels, I was one of those with high marks in lessons and my hobbies were drawing and sports in general and football in particular. Also , I liked mathematics and physics , Therefore after completing high school at Al-Mansour Secondary School for boys in Baghdad 1988 I joined the University of Technology / Baghdad in the Department of Production Engineering and graduated In 1992 with grade good , after that I worked in my field and increased my experience in the production engineering , which led me to travel outside Iraq and experience working in new environments characterized by adventure and challenge and I went through difficult times that were in some of its stages but added a lot to my career and trust . In 2003 , I joined the Academy of Postgraduate Studies - Libya to complete a master's degree in industrial engineering which I graduated in the year 2005 with grade good to complete my career in new fields that have been successful for me in one of the marine science centers in Zuarra , also I worked as a consulting engineer in one of the construction companies. When I return to Iraq in 2011 I joined work at the University of Knowledge (Hayat Private University for Science and Technology - previously) as a teaching member in the College of Engineering / Department of Petroleum Engineering until now, and I have been assigned to several tasks including membership of scientific committees, membership of exam committees and membership of extra-curricular activities committees such as the festival , workshops and work as a rapporteur for the College of Engineering. Also, I started studying for a doctorate in 2017 and still , I joined the Department of Industrial Engineering / College of Engineering at Selcuk University / Turkey since that date and now I am in the process of writing a thesis. My hobbies went through various stages like my career, but I still love sports, reading and traveling to ancient archaeological sites. My biography, which has been abbreviated in a few words, is a summary of years of effort, hard work and perseverance to achieve the goal for which we were created, which is life.

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