Assist. Prof. Nohad A. AlOmari.

Asst. Dr. Prof. , PhD

Email: [email protected]

Department: Pharmacy Department

I'm working in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and the education sector for about three decades with a proven record, a professional history, curriculum vitae full of accomplishments, patents, and national and international scientific awards. Strong and clear vision to find realistic solutions to various challenges in the field of my passion for the field of pharmaceutical education, chemistry as drug Designer and my love to raise the level of my students in the primary and higher studies. Have more than seven Patents in rational drug design, green chemistry and synthesis of biologically inorganic and organic compounds as anticancer drugs. Awards, Honors &Recognized of Iraqi Women Honor. 2001 and 2016 Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research 2001, 2009, & 2011 Special Award from Young Moo Lee, President of Hanyang University. August 2016.rnSpecial Award from WIPO, Quan-Ling Sim , world intellectual property organization, 2nd Istanbul International Invention Fair ISIF’ 2017. Medal from Ministry of Higher education as the best patent of Medical universities - IRAQ - 2013.rnOne of the best three patent in all Arab countries, Kuwait City, Kuwait, 2-5 December 2014 One of Women of Chemistry all over the world - 2015- ItalyrnMany Medal: Silver Medal Syria 2009, Kuwait, 2010 and 2014.. Silver Medal Istanbul 2016, Silver prize (KIWIA and KIPA and KIPO)- South Korea 2018 Gold Prize of Korea Internal Youth Olympia 41 2016 (KIYO 41)- for the Best of the Best invention-South Korea. Special Award - Gold Prize of Korea Internal Youth Olympia 41 2016 (KIYO 41) Hanyang University. South Korea. Gold Medal iENA 2016 - Germany.rnThe Best international invention (WIPO) -Istanbul International Invention Fair ISIF’17, 2-4-3-2017.- Turkey. Gold Prize (KIWIA and KIPA and KIPO)- South Korea 1 July 2018) .rnSpecial Prize Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition, from president Hyuk J Kwon of KIPI. 1 July 2018. South Korea Golden Prize, successful Women In Chemistry - ACS, AlNahrin University, 2018.rn

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