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  • 15-11-2023

Knowledge University Delegation Explores Collaborative Opportunities at Duhok University

In a bid to strengthen academic ties and harness scientific capabilities, a delegation from Knowledge University, led by Prof. Dr. Talib Khalil Ibrahim, Vice President for Scientific Affairs, recently visited Duhok University. The delegation included members of the College of Engineering, such as Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marwan Aziz Mohammad, Dean of the College of Engineering, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Kattan, Head of the Scientific Research Center, and Dr. Abdulnasser, Head of the Examination Committee of the College of Engineering.

The Knowledge University delegation was warmly welcomed by the Deanship of the College of Engineering at Duhok University. The primary objective of the visit was to explore collaborative opportunities that leverage the scientific abilities of both institutions. The discussions revolved around potential research initiatives, joint academic programs, and the exchange of expertise to enhance the educational experience for students.

Prof. Dr. Talib Khalil Ibrahim expressed his enthusiasm about the visit, stating, "Collaborations like these open avenues for innovation and progress in the academic realm. By combining our strengths, we can create a more robust academic environment that benefits not only our institutions but also the broader community."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marwan Aziz Mohammad, Dean of the College of Engineering, highlighted the importance of such partnerships in fostering academic excellence. "Pooling our resources and expertise allows us to address complex challenges and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of knowledge," he remarked.

The Knowledge University delegation and Duhok University's College of Engineering are now poised to initiate joint projects that will harness the collective intellectual capital of both institutions, promising a future marked by collaborative research, academic exchange, and shared educational endeavors.

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