Charity Exhibition of KNU in International Day of People with special needs
  • 04-12-2021

Charity Exhibition of KNU in International Day of People with special needs

On Saturday, 4/12/2021 The College of Pharmacy at Knowledge University held a local Charity Exhibition on International Day for People with special needs in collaboration with the hiwa institute for deaf and mutism.

The Charity Exhibition began with a speech by Assist. Prof. Dr. Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor the President of Knowledge University, Dr.Muath Sheet Dean: College of Pharmacy, and dear Nazanin nashaat Salem, director of Hiwa Institute

In the presence of local university lecturers and guest lecturers at other universities, as well as the presence of pharmacy students and hiwa institute students, the work program was launched, and the topics were presented by these dear speakers. Dr.Muath Sheet, Dr. Hadi Hussein Shwani and Mr. Aws Ahmed Abdulkarim.

In a general way in this symposium, the cause of the disease that causes disability was talked about, on the other hand, new technologies were discussed that would help facilitate the lives of people with special needs and the role of pharmacists in treating people with special needs.

Finally, Tariq Waece Sadeq head of the pharmacy department, Presented the final speech and opened a joint exhibition of hiwa institute students and pharmacy college students. 

In this charity exhibition, aid and assistance have been collected with the amount of 732,000 IQD from the sale of food, sweets, and goods, by students and lecturers of the Pharmacy College and this amount of money will be given as a gift to Hiwa Institute to help the people with special needs of this institute. The participants and organizers of this symposium were again thanked.

Number of attendees: more than 500 

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