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  • 21-02-2022

Kurdish Language and its obstacles International Online Workshop

On Monday,2022-02-21 Department of computer science in the College of Science at KNU held an International Online workshop from 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm on Mother Language Day, entitled: Kurdish Language and its obstacles, which approximately 100 lecturers and students attended the workshop.


Full Video of the workshop: Kurdish Language and Different Topics Related to language International Online Workshop - YouTube



Mr.Rabee Zebari - Master of Humanitarian Kurdology and Kurdistan Studies- Knowledge University Iraq


Key Speakers:

Eastern Kurdistan and horizons of the Kurdish Language - Assoc.Prof.Dr.Hashim Ahmed Zada - Uppsala University sweden

Mother Language and the Trilogy of Translation, Colonialism, and Globalization - Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ameen Abdulqadir - Director of Center of Languages - Dhok University Iraq

Northern Kurdistan and horizons of the Kurdish Language - Assoc.Prof.Ayhan Tek Mush Alparsalan - Faculty of Science and Literature - Department of Kurdish Language - University Turkey


Western Kurdistan and horizons of the Kurdish Language - Mr.Jan Dost Novelist and writer - Syria

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