College of Science

Department of Computer Sceince


Computer Science is a concept of understanding computer systems and networks at a deep level. Computers and the programs they run are among the most complex products ever created; designing and using them effectively presents immense challenges. Facing these challenges is the aim of Computer Science as a practical discipline, and this leads to some fundamental questions:

The undergraduate Computer Science program at the Department of Computer Science is a four years Bachelor of Science (BSc) program (8 semesters). The fourth-year allows the study of advanced topics and an in-depth research project. The Total modules taught are 48 with a final year project. 

The course concentrates on creating links between theory and practice. It covers a wide variety of software and hardware technologies and their applications. We are looking for students with a real flair for mathematics, which you will develop into skills that can be used both for reasoning rigorously about the behavior of programs and computer systems and for applications such as scientific computing. You will also gain practical problem-solving and program design skills; the majority of subjects within the course are linked with practical work in KNU well-equipped laboratories.