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  • 28-11-2021

English Language Training for Religious Men

The desire to learn the English language in non-English-speaking countries is on a growing scale.  Regardless of educational background, English language is a must to develop skills in this era. College of Education / Department of ELT at Knowledge University has dedicated its sources to a training for improving the English language skill of religious men in Erbil city and its surrounding districts.  

The training aims to cover the essentials of the English language for the participants with different English language levels.   The training is being delivered by four qualified trainers who specialized in English language and obtained their degrees in native-speaking countries. 

The total number of participants is 60 and they are divided into three groups.  The training started on Monday, 28th November 2021 and it lasts till Tuesday, 14th December 2021. The participants will receive 27 hours of training which is equal to 3 days in a week.



Miss.Bekhal Bayiz Karim - Dean of College of Education at Knowledge University

Mr.Ramear Jamal - lecturer in the International Relations department at Knowledge University

Mr.Shivan Gharib - lecturer in College of Education / department of ELT at Knowledge University

Miss.Maysa A. Mahmood - lecturer in College of Education / Department of ELT at Knowledge University


Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Activity Location: KNU, New Building, Lecture Center, Hall 2, 3 & 4


Program Topics:

Day 1: Grammar for daily lives

Day 2: Learning religious vocabularies

Day 3: speaking to express themselves

Day 4: reading to understand religious news

Day 5: writing their POVs on their religious beliefs

Day 6: listening to religious story and analyzing it

Day 7: Grammar for writing sentences on religious events that happened in the past

Day 8: reading to analyze religious and divine books like the Holy Quran

Day 9: Speaking to talk about the Holy Quran

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