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  • 14-11-2021

Nature in the Autumn embrace Photography Exhibition

College of Education and Arts organized an art activity under the title of “PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION” in Knowledge University on 14th November 2021.  More than 20 different photographs were exhibited for one day, 66 college students from the department and other departments participated in this exhibition. The Head of the department, the coordinator and all faculty members in the department were present.  The photography exhibition provided a professional photographer living in Kurdistan with the opportunity to show some of his favorite photos capturing the Colors and nature of Kurdistan Region.  The photography exhibition allowed our talented student and photographer, Botan Hatam, to have a platform to display and discuss the importance of nature in Kurdistan, as well as successfully raise awareness among the public about the vibrant photography sector and the culture of image- making in Kurdistan as a cultural and creative sector.


Event organizers:

Miss Bekhal B Kareem (HOD)

Mr Diyar M Kareem (Department coordinator) 


Event photographer:

Botan       Hatam     UG2 / College of Education

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