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  • 13-11-2021

Detecting predatory and hijacked journals workshop

On Saturday, 13/11/2021 The Directorate of Quality Assurance held a workshop entitled “Detecting predatory and hijacked journals” that presented by Dr.Nabaz Nawzad Abdullah, the Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation at Knowledge University and more than 37 faculty members at KNU participated in this workshop. 

The workshop focused on the fake journals that deceive academicians and become an issue in academic institutions. The objective of this workshop was to share the awareness and methods that could help the participants to differentiate between predatory, hijacked journals and the reputable journals. 

Several methods introduced to detect the problems, ensure the publications and the journal is reliable. The practical side of the workshop concentrated on the previous issues of the faculty members in order to avoid the recurrence of such problems in the future. 

Practical example and solutions were provided with some recommendations to help the researchers for publishing their articles in the famous and recognized journals. The QA and discussion followed, and all questions were discussed comprehend the idea of the workshop.

Video of the workshop: Detecting predatory and hijacked journals workshop by Dr.Nabaz Nawzad - YouTube

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