Quality Assurance at KNU

The process of Quality Assurance involves the systematic review of educational provision to maintain and improve its quality, equity, and efficiency. Applying the international standards of quality assurance becomes a condition for the success of universities all around the world. The Ministry of Higher Education in KRG encourages all universities in Kurdistan Region to practice and comply with standards of quality assurance to evaluate and monitor the education process to ensure high quality of education in the region as a pathway towards development.

The Directorate of Quality Assurance and Accreditation at Knowledge University practices teaching quality assurance (TQA) under the KRG regulations to assess and monitor the education process at the University. The DQA is actively engaging in promoting the quality of education and teaching in accordance with the international standards with a focuse on key competencies for lifelong learning, inclusive education, and common value promotions. The directorate of quality assurance and accreditation ensures teachers' and students' engagement in the assessment process and paves the way for academic teaching staff to develop their competency and skills. The activities of DQA concentrate but not limited to the student feedback, continuous academic development (CAD), teacher portfolio (PF), peer review, implementation of Bologna Process, curriculum development, course modules assessment, teachers profile, supervision of national university ranking (NUR), accreditation, and international standardization.


Our mission is to bring innovative ideas and modern teaching approaches to increase the quality of education and help our faculty members to present the best quality education to the students and meet future expectations through quality performance of the education.


Our vision is to embed vigorous quality assurance practice into the education process of the Kurdistan Region and becomes a distinct and leading university in terms of quality and performance.

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For us quality matters and that’s where we start to thrive

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