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  • 31-03-2021

The Department Of Medical Laboratory Science Held A National Workshop

On Wednsday, March 31, 2021 the Department of Medical Laboratory Science at the Collage of Science, Knowledge University organized a National workshop entitled “Impact of Toxoplasmosis on Public Health.” The organizer of the workshop Dr.Zean Zefenkey from Knowledge University started the workshop by briefing the topic and then Prof. Dr. Dhary Alewy Almashhadany from Knowledge University and Prof.Dr. Abdul Aziz Jamil Alani from Alnoor University in Mosul presented their parts and discussed how public health is highly impacted by the Toxoplasmosis. The concept was somehow New for most participants, but the presenters explained in a very clear way and answered participants question. The workshop was conducted virtually where 70 university lecturer participated.

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