International Scientific Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy Held at Knowledge University
  • 06-06-2024

International Scientific Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy Held at Knowledge University

Erbil, June 5, 2024 

On World Environment Day, Knowledge University in Erbil hosted a landmark event, the First International Scientific Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy. The event was organized by the Arjaa Institute, the International Union of Universities, and the Echo Organization, with active participation and sponsorship from Knowledge University. This historic conference drew significant attention from academics, environmentalists, and policymakers across the region and beyond.

The conference brought together a diverse group of participants, including notable personalities and researchers from the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and several Arab and European countries. In total, 16 keynote speakers and 34 researchers presented their work, focusing on innovative solutions to environmental pollution and strategies to protect and sustain a healthy environment. The emphasis was placed on the adoption of clean energy and the importance of avoiding environmentally harmful energy sources.

The conference commenced with an opening ceremony that highlighted the urgent need for global action to combat environmental issues. The keynote speeches covered a range of topics, including advancements in renewable energy technologies, sustainable environmental practices, and policies for reducing carbon footprints. The presentations and discussions were geared towards practical and actionable solutions to current environmental challenges.

Throughout the two-day event, attendees had the opportunity to engage in a series of plenary sessions, panel discussions, and workshops. These sessions provided a platform for researchers to share their findings and for participants to discuss and debate the latest trends and technologies in environmental science and renewable energy. 

The conference concluded with several important and scientific recommendations aimed at promoting a healthier environment. These recommendations emphasized the necessity of integrating clean energy solutions into both public and private sectors, the importance of ongoing research and innovation in the field of renewable energy, and the critical role of education and public awareness in fostering environmental stewardship.

The First International Scientific Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy at Knowledge University marked a significant step forward in the global effort to address environmental issues. It underscored the vital role of international collaboration and the sharing of knowledge in the pursuit of a sustainable future. The event not only highlighted the pressing environmental challenges we face but also showcased the innovative solutions and collective commitment needed to overcome them.


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