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  • 13-11-2023

College of Science Medical Laboratory Department Embarks on Meaningful Trip to Malli Arami

The College of Science's Department of Medical Laboratory at Knowledge University orchestrated a purposeful trip to Malli Arami on November 13, 2023. Under the supervision of Dr. Zean Faizullah and Mrs. Sahar Hassan, students from (2nd, 3rd, 4th stages) embarked on a journey that blended scientific exploration with humanitarian outreach. The focal point of the trip was a visit to local orphanages, where students had the opportunity to engage with the community and make a positive impact, the students conducted health tests, contributing to the well-being of the people in the orphanages.

The scientific trip not only provided a hands-on experience for the students but also fostered a sense of social responsibility. It showcased the College of Science's commitment to holistic education, emphasizing the integration of theoretical knowledge with practical applications and community engagement. Dr. Zean Faizullah commended the students for their dedication and enthusiasm throughout the trip, highlighting the importance of merging scientific education with real-world experiences. Mrs. Sahar Hassan echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the significance of instilling compassion and a sense of social duty in the budding scientists.

As the students returned with a wealth of experiences, the College of Science looks forward to more initiatives that blend academic exploration with community service, preparing students not only for successful careers but also for a life dedicated to making a positive impact on society.

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