Department of Law Hosts Insightful Lecture Series by Retired Judge Gaylani Syed Ahmad
  • 21-11-2023

Department of Law Hosts Insightful Lecture Series by Retired Judge Gaylani Syed Ahmad

In a bid to enrich the academic experience of law students, the Department of Law at Knowledge University orchestrated a compelling lecture series under the guidance of Mrs. Halala Sulaiman Rahman. The focus of the series was the "Principles of Law of Criminal Procedure," featuring an illuminating session led by retired judge Gaylani Syed Ahmad. Fourth-year law students were granted a unique opportunity to delve into the wealth of judicial and legal expertise of Judge Gaylani Syed Ahmad. The distinguished guest shared profound insights from his extensive career, offering students a first-hand account of the practical nuances of criminal procedure within the legal system.

The lecture hall buzzed with intellectual curiosity as students engaged with Judge Gaylani Syed Ahmad, posing questions that ranged from theoretical aspects to practical applications within the courts of the Kurdistan Region. The interactive session provided invaluable context to the students, bridging the gap between legal theory and real-world implementation. Mrs. Halala Sulaiman Rahman expressed her satisfaction at the success of the lecture series, emphasizing the importance of such engagements in shaping well-rounded legal professionals. The Department of Law at Knowledge University remains committed to fostering an environment where students can benefit from the wisdom and experiences of seasoned legal practitioners.

As the echoes of Judge Gaylani Syed Ahmad's lecture resonate within the academic corridors, the Department of Law looks forward to organizing more such enriching sessions, solidifying its position as a hub for legal education and experiential learning.

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