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  • 14-11-2023

Dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences Takes Lead Role in UAE\'s First International Conference on Administrative Creativity

Dubai, UAE

Dr. Nadhema Ahmed Jaff, the Dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences at Knowledge University, showcased her leadership and research prowess at the inaugural international conference hosted in the United Arab Emirates. The conference, a landmark event in the region, delved into the critical exploration of the impact of inspirational leadership on elevating administrative creativity. Dr. Nadhema, recognized for her exceptional contributions to organizational studies and strategic management, assumed a central role in the conference's proceedings. Her expertise became evident during her keynote address, where she dissected the intricate connections between inspiring leadership and the cultivation of administrative innovation.

As an influential figure in academia, Dr. Nadhema brought to light the indispensable role played by inspirational leaders in creating an atmosphere that nurtures creativity within administrative teams. Her insights, drawn from a wealth of experience, resonated with attendees comprising academics, professionals, and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds. The conference served as a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas and best practices, establishing Dr. Jaff as a key influencer in the evolving discourse on leadership impact in the administrative sphere. Participants commended her for the depth and relevance of her contributions, acknowledging her as a beacon of inspiration within the academic community.

Dr. Nadhema Ahmed Jaff's active participation in this international forum not only reflects her commitment to advancing the field of administrative sciences but also highlights Knowledge University's dedication to fostering cutting-edge research and leadership development. As the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences continues to make significant strides, Dr. Jaff's involvement solidifies the institution's reputation as a hub for innovative scholarship and academic excellence.

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