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  • 1-11-2023

Head of Computer Engineering Contributes to Success of Msc Thesis Defense on Web Test Case Generation

In a recent academic milestone, Associate Professor Dr. Abdulqadir Ismaeil Khoshnaw, the Head of the Department of Computer Engineering at Knowledge University, actively engaged in the evaluation of a master's thesis defence. The defence, conducted by Lana Kamal Mohammed, a higher education student in the Department of Software Engineering at Salahaddin University in Erbil, focused on the topic of "Web Test Case Generation with Time Optimization Using Graph Decomposition."

The thesis defence committee was comprised of esteemed academics, including:

  1. Prof. Dr. Subhi Rafiq Mohammed - Chairman of the Committee
  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amin Saleh Mohammed - Member
  3. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdulqadir Ismail Khoshnaw - Member
  4. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Moayad Yousef Petros - Supervisor

Throughout the rigorous examination, Dr. Abdulqadir Khoshnaw contributed his expertise to the evaluation process. After thorough discussion and examination, the committee successfully approved Lana Kamal Mohammed's master's degree. This accomplishment not only underscores the academic excellence of the student but also highlights the collaborative and insightful contributions of the committee members.

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