Book Launch Ceremony at Knowledge University Showcases Remarkable Achievements
  • 16-10-2023

Book Launch Ceremony at Knowledge University Showcases Remarkable Achievements

October 16th, 2023

Erbil - In a remarkable display of talent and dedication, undergraduates at Knowledge University have achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing their first book, "Parable," within the span of their four-year academic journey. The book launch ceremony, a momentous occasion filled with pride and anticipation, celebrated the literary achievements of the students from the English Language Teaching Department. "Parable," a compilation of heartfelt personal life experiences drawn from the writers' own real lives, stands as a testament to the significance of encouraging creative pursuits within academia. The book goes beyond storytelling, offering readers a treasury of moral lessons thoughtfully penned by Miss Bekhal, the esteemed Head of the English Language Teaching Department at Knowledge University, in collaboration with the talented ELT students.

The book launch event drew a diverse audience, including students, faculty members, and distinguished guests, who all came to commend the budding authors on their outstanding accomplishment. Miss Bekhal, a guiding light for the students, expressed her immense pride in the achievement of the ELT students and emphasized the importance of nurturing the literary ambitions of young scholars. "Parable" has already sparked great enthusiasm within the university and promises to leave a lasting impact on the broader literary landscape. This book is not just a collection of stories; it symbolizes the dedication and creative prowess of Knowledge University's ELT students, underscoring the importance of promoting academic excellence and fostering creativity within the academic sphere. Knowledge University celebrates this significant book launch and applauds the ELT students for their remarkable achievement. The university looks forward to witnessing more extraordinary accomplishments from its students in the years ahead.

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