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  • 27-11-2021

Violence against women in social and political life National workshop

On Saturday, November 27, 2021, in the context of the 16 Days of International of Combating Violence against Women campaign, which begins on November 25, and will continue until 10/12 every year which is the anniversary of International Human Rights Day. To participate in the campaign and to raise awareness of the community about women's rights, the Law Department at The College of Law at Knowledge University organized a national workshop entitled: Violence against women in social and political life. In which the following topics were presented:

First Axis 

The role of international mechanisms and organizations in protecting women's rights

presented by Mr. Zaito Siani , head of the Human Rights Office in Unami, Erbil.


Second Axis

negative effects of violence against women on society and politics

Ashna Anwar Karim - Department of International Relations - Knowledge University


Third Axis

The effects of economic violence on women

presented by Hind Abdul Ameer Hameed lecturer in law department at knowledge University


Workshop Organizer

Mr.Hamad Kareem Hamad, lecturer in law department - knowledge University

In the end, the audience was given the opportunity to participate in their opinions and questions

Number of attendees: 34

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