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  • 22-05-2021

Department of Business Administration held Art Activity

As part of the series art activities of Knowledge University, the Department of Business Administration arranged an art activity under the title of (The Art for Diversity and Coexistance) for university students to be familiar with the art of other ethnic groups in Kurdistan Region and maintain the peace and coexistence between different ethnic groups in the region. The performance was made by the Turkemen Art House at the Ministry of Culture and Youth – KRG. The activity was held on Wednsday 19 May 2021 at 11:00 AM, where the band from Turkemen Art House played different Turkemen Music and Songs. The event has taken place in the University Semenar Hall for 2 hours, More than 60 faculty members and students attended the event. The activity was very enjoyable for the students and different styles of Traditional Turkem Music were performed by the group. The social distance and health procedures were taken into consideration and the event was welcomed by the students.

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