Kurdistan-Jordan Higher Education Forum Sparks Collaboration and Recognition
  • 05-05-2024

Kurdistan-Jordan Higher Education Forum Sparks Collaboration and Recognition

Under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the presence of the Minister of Higher Education, a landmark event unfolded today, May 5th, 2024, as the Kurdistan-Jordan Higher Education Forum commenced. Attended by a distinguished gathering including ministers, government officials, and university presidents from both regions, the forum aimed to foster collaboration and exchange in the realm of higher education. Among the attendees were Mr. Dashti Haji Najmaddin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Anwer Dzeyi, President of Knowledge University, alongside their accompanying delegation. Notably, 21 universities from Jordan and the Kurdistan Region participated, reflecting a robust commitment to academic partnership.

During the proceedings, Knowledge University was honored for its pivotal role in sponsoring the event, receiving the shield of recognition as the sole university in Kurdistan. The Minister of Higher Education of Jordan was likewise acknowledged for his contributions to the forum's organization. Scheduled to extend until May 8th, 2024, the forum has set the stage for extensive collaboration, with 21 memoranda of understanding prepared for signing. These agreements are poised to facilitate the exchange of expertise and pave the way for future coordination between Jordanian and Kurdish universities.

In a gesture of goodwill, Knowledge University prepared special gifts for all participating Jordanian universities, underscoring the spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect. The efforts of Mr. Fouad Majali, Consul of Jordan, were lauded for his instrumental role in orchestrating the momentous gathering. As the forum progresses, it promises to catalyze transformative partnerships and advance the academic landscape in both regions.

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