Knowledge University Accounting Students Explore Banking World
  • 04-03-2024

Knowledge University Accounting Students Explore Banking World

Erbil - Kurdistan Region

Under the guidance of Mr. Abdulla Saeid, second-stage undergraduates from the Department of Accounting at Knowledge University embarked on a scientific expedition to Zanko Bank on March 4th, 2024. The purpose of this visit was to acquaint students with the intricacies of accounting practices within banking environments.

During their insightful trip, students had the privilege of learning directly from the Accounting Manager of Zanko Bank. They were enlightened on various accounting operations, types of bank accounts, and transactional procedures. Through practical demonstrations, students gained firsthand experience in recording bank financial transactions and meticulously monitoring data and accounts.

This immersive experience provided students with valuable insights into real-world accounting practices, enriching their academic journey and preparing them for future professional endeavors in the financial sector.

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