Students from Accounting Department Visit Al-Hayat Company
  • 02-03-2024

Students from Accounting Department Visit Al-Hayat Company

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, fourth-stage students from the Department of Accounting at Knowledge University embarked on a enlightening scientific trip to Al-Hayat Company, a renowned producer of soft drinks and minerals. Supervised by Mr. Abdullah Saeed, the purpose of the visit was to provide students with practical insights into accounting practices within an investment company setting. During their visit, the students received a warm welcome from the staff and management of Hayat Company. They were given comprehensive tours of various departments within the company, gaining valuable exposure to the intricacies of financial management and accounting systems.

The trip provided an invaluable opportunity for the students to witness firsthand the practical application of accounting principles within a real-world business environment. Through interactions with professionals at Al-Hayat Company, they gained insights into financial transactions, accounting procedures, and the overall management of financial records. This initiative underscores Knowledge University's commitment to providing students with hands-on experiences that complement their academic learning and prepare them for successful careers in the field of accounting. Such industry visits not only enhance students' understanding of theoretical concepts but also equip them with the practical skills necessary to excel in their future professions.

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