Medical Microbiology Department Explores Cancer Treatment at Awat Radiation Oncology Center
  • 26-12-2023

Medical Microbiology Department Explores Cancer Treatment at Awat Radiation Oncology Center

Erbil, Kurdistan

Asst. Lec Jiyan Ali Omar, the Head of the Medical Microbiology Department at Knowledge University, along with the students of the second stage, embarked on a significant scientific visit to the Awat Radiation Oncology Center. The visit aimed to provide students with firsthand insights into the latest advancements in cancer treatment. Upon their arrival, the students was warmly welcomed by the administrative staff of the Awat Radiation Oncology Center. Following the welcome, the students were given an informative presentation on the center's activities, shedding light on the cutting-edge technologies and treatments employed in the field of radiation oncology.

The presentation covered various aspects of cancer treatment, including the use of advanced radiation therapy techniques, the role of medical microbiology in oncology, and the collaborative efforts between medical professionals to enhance patient care. Asst. Lec Jiyan Ali Omar expressed the importance of such visits in providing students with practical exposure to the latest developments in the medical field.

The students actively engaged with the staff at the Awat Radiation Oncology Center, asking questions and participating in discussions about the challenges and breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment. The scientific visit was part of Knowledge University's commitment to fostering practical learning experiences for its students, preparing them for careers in the rapidly evolving field of medical microbiology and healthcare. The collaboration between educational institutions and specialized centers like Awat Radiation Oncology plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between academic knowledge and real-world applications, ultimately contributing to the advancement of medical science.

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