Department of Computer Sciences Hosts Workshop on IYLEP Program
  • 01-11-2023

Department of Computer Sciences Hosts Workshop on IYLEP Program

November 1, 2023

The Department of Computer Sciences at Knowledge University organized a national workshop on November 1st, 2023, focusing on the "Opportunity of Getting to USA by IYLEP Program." The event was an informative session aimed at guiding students towards participating in the prestigious International Youth Leadership and Exchange Program (IYLEP) to the United States.

The workshop featured two distinguished speakers, "Mr. Muhammad Kanabi" and "Mr. Diler Rasty," who shared their insights and experiences regarding the IYLEP program. Both speakers are former IYLEP participants who have successfully made their way to the United States through this initiative. Mr. Muhammad Kanabi emphasized the significance of IYLEP as an excellent opportunity for young individuals to develop leadership skills and cultural awareness while exploring the United States. He shared his journey from being a student to becoming an IYLEP alumnus, highlighting the transformative impact it had on his life.

Mr. Diler Rasty, another IYLEP success story, provided valuable information on the application process, selection criteria, and how to prepare for interviews and assessments. His guidance proved invaluable for aspiring candidates looking to embark on the IYLEP journey. The event drew a significant audience, primarily composed of students from the Department of Computer Sciences, eager to learn about the IYLEP program. Many left with a newfound motivation to pursue this opportunity, thanks to the inspiring stories and practical advice shared by the speakers.

Knowledge University's Department of Computer Sciences remains committed to providing its students with valuable insights and opportunities, and the "Opportunity of Getting to USA by IYLEP Program" workshop was just one of many initiatives in this endeavor.

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