Medical Microbiology Sciences Department Hosts International Workshop on Human Brucellosis
  • 21-10-2023

Medical Microbiology Sciences Department Hosts International Workshop on Human Brucellosis

In a remarkable academic endeavor, the Medical Microbiology Sciences Department at Knowledge University hosted an international workshop on the 21st of October, 2023. The workshop, titled "Microbiological Diagnosis and Risk Factors of Human Brucellosis," brought together esteemed experts in the field and garnered a global audience.

The event saw the distinguished presence of Mrs. Zhiyan Ali Omar, the Head of the Department, who has been a guiding force in advancing the department's research and academic initiatives. Additionally, the workshop featured the expertise of Dr. Dhary Alewi Al-Mashhadani, a prominent professor at Knowledge University, and Dr. Mohammed Odhah, a respected lecturer at the University of Malaysia Kelantan. "Microbiological Diagnosis and Risk Factors of Human Brucellosis" delved into the critical aspects of diagnosing and understanding the risk factors associated with Brucellosis, a significant concern in the world of medical microbiology. Participants engaged in enlightening discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions, highlighting the importance of collaborative research and the exchange of ideas to combat this infectious disease effectively.

The workshop's international nature emphasized the global impact of Knowledge University's Medical Microbiology Sciences Department in contributing to the ongoing battle against diseases such as Brucellosis. The event serves as a testament to the university's commitment to excellence in education, research, and its dedication to addressing critical public health issues.

The presence of experts like Mrs. Zhiyan Ali Omar, Dr. Dhary Alewi Al-Mashhadani, and Dr. Mohammed Odhah underscored the significance of cross-border collaboration in advancing our understanding of infectious diseases and our ability to combat them effectively. The international workshop was a resounding success, offering valuable insights into the microbiological diagnosis and risk factors of Human Brucellosis and fostering connections among professionals in the field.

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