Medical Microbiology Department Hosts Table Tennis Tournament
  • 24-10-2023

Medical Microbiology Department Hosts Table Tennis Tournament

Erbil, Kurdistan Region

In an unexpected and refreshing break from the lab coats and microscopes, the Medical Microbiology Sciences Department at Knowledge University organized a highly engaging table tennis tournament for its students. This event, was held under the watchful eye of the esteemed Head of Department, Mrs. Zhiyan Ali Omar. The tournament provided a delightful opportunity for students to momentarily set aside their textbooks and embrace the competitive spirit. Students from various levels and years within the department participated, showcasing their enthusiasm and sportsmanship throughout the event.

Under the direct supervision of Mrs. Zhiyan Ali Omar, the tournament witnessed intense yet friendly matches. Students displayed not only their expertise in microbiology but also their prowess on the table tennis court. The competition was intense, with both newcomers and seasoned players giving their best.

This event not only allowed students to bond and unwind but also underscored the significance of a well-rounded life within the realm of medical microbiology. Mrs. Zhiyan Ali Omar expressed her joy at the tournament's success, highlighting the importance of teamwork, dedication, and relaxation in the field of medical microbiology.

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