College of Science and POA Organization Co-Host Seminar on Management and Human Resources
  • 23-09-2023

College of Science and POA Organization Co-Host Seminar on Management and Human Resources

In a remarkable display of academic synergy, the College of Science at Knowledge University joined hands with the esteemed POA Organization to host a national seminar of paramount significance. The seminar, titled "Management and Human Resources: Benefits and Importance," catered exclusively to the university's dedicated lecturers and staff.

With an objective to enhance the knowledge and skills of the university's academic and administrative team, the event provided a platform for participants to delve deep into the pivotal roles of effective management and human resources in higher education institutions. Eminent speaker shared his insights, shedding light on best practices, challenges, and the evolving landscape of university management. The seminar served as a nexus for exchanging ideas and experiences among the university's faculty and staff.

Knowledge University's commitment to fostering continuous learning and development was evident in its collaboration with the POA Organization, a recognized leader in professional education and development. The seminar garnered enthusiastic participation from Knowledge University's lecturers and staff, underscoring their dedication to delivering excellence in higher education. It underscored the university's unwavering commitment to providing a nurturing environment for both personal and professional growth.

The successful collaboration between Knowledge University's College of Science and the POA Organization has set a commendable precedent for knowledge sharing and capacity building within the academic community, ensuring that the institution continues to thrive in its mission of providing quality education.

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