Knowledge University conducts free health tests at Sami Abdulrahman Park
  • 27-04-2023

Knowledge University conducts free health tests at Sami Abdulrahman Park

In a bid to promote public health and wellness, the Department of Medical Laboratory & Pathology of Knowledge University, under the leadership of (Dr. Rizgar Farooq - Head of Department), collaborated with the (Ashti Health Organization) to conduct a series of primary health tests for visitors of the Sami Abdulrahman Park in Erbil.

The tests, which were carried out on a voluntary basis, included an eye test, blood sugar, blood type test, blood pressure, and health awareness. The aim of the initiative was to raise awareness about the importance of regular health screenings and encourage visitors to take proactive measures towards maintaining good health.

The event was a huge success, with a large number of visitors taking advantage of the free health tests and information provided by the medical professionals. Many people expressed their gratitude towards the Department of Medical Laboratory & Pathology and the Ashti Health Organization for organizing such an important event and promoting public health.


له‌درێژه‌ی چالاكییه‌ جۆراوجۆره‌كانیاندا، به‌شی شیكاری نه‌خۆشییه‌كانی زانكۆی نۆلج، به‌سه‌رپه‌رشتی (د.ڕزگار فاروق - سه‌رۆك به‌ش) و به‌ هه‌ماهه‌نگی له‌گه‌ڵ ڕێكخراوی ته‌ندرووستی ئاشتی، هه‌ستان به‌ ئه‌نجامدانی كۆمه‌ڵێك پشكنینی سه‌ره‌تایی به‌ خۆڕایی بۆ سه‌ردانكه‌رانی پاركی (سامی عبدالرحمن - هه‌ولێر) و بڵاوكردنه‌وه‌ی هۆشیاری ته‌ندرووستی. چالاكییه‌كان خۆیان ده‌بینیه‌وه‌ له‌ (پشکنینی چاو، پشکنینی ڕێژەی شەکر لە خوێن، پشکنینی گرۆپی خوێن، پشکنینی پەستانی خوێن، و پێدانی ئامۆژگاری به‌ گه‌شتیاران) له‌لایه‌ن خۆیانه‌وه‌ گه‌شتیارانیش پێزانینی خۆیان بۆ هه‌وڵه‌كانی زانكۆی نۆلج و ڕێكخراوی ته‌ندرووستی ئاشتی ده‌ربڕی له‌پای گرنگییدانیان به‌ ته‌ندرووستی هاونیشتیمانییان.



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