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  • 24-01-2023

ELT Freshmen Compete in Book Reading Contest at Knowledge University

A book reading contest was held on January 23, 2023, by the College of Education for Knowledge University's ELT freshmen. This activity was planned to educate students about the value of reading books. Everybody's life can benefit greatly from reading, but students' lives can benefit greatly most of all. They are our best friends because they motivate us to succeed in life and bounce back from setbacks. The best companions are books since they provide information freely and expect nothing in return. About six students from the department took part in this competition. The participants were asked some questions by the judiciary committee.  The event was hosted by Miss Bekhal B K(HOD) and the judgment members (Dr Khamis Khalaf and Mrs Maysaa A Mahmood). The prize for the first-place winner was given out.


Here are some photos of today's event:














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