Exploring the Function of Histamine in the Human Body
  • 11-01-2023

Exploring the Function of Histamine in the Human Body

ڕۆژی چوارشممە، بەرواری 11/1/2023 سیمینارێک بە ناونیشانی

 “Histamine as chemical compound in body cells” 

 لە کۆلێژی دەرمانسازی پێشکەشکرا.


On January 11, 2023, Mr. Sahand Hawro Khaleel presented a seminar at Hall 44 of the Pharmacy College at Knowledge University, delving into the world of histamine and its crucial role in the human body. The seminar, which was held at the national level, attracted a wide range of attendees, including students, researchers, and healthcare professionals.

During the seminar, Mr. Sahand discussed the various functions of histamine in the body, including its role in regulating blood pressure, its involvement in the immune response, and its role in the nervous system. He also highlighted the importance of understanding histamine in the context of allergies and other immune-mediated disorders.

The seminar was well-received by attendees, with many praising Mr. Sahand for his in-depth knowledge and clear explanations of the complex topic. "It was an eye-opening experience to learn about the various functions of histamine and how it plays a crucial role in our body's responses," said one attendee.

This seminar has emphasized the importance of the understanding of the histamine and its functions in the body and how it can help in the diagnosis and treatment of several diseases. It is a reminder of the ongoing need for further research and education on this important chemical compound.

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