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  • 17-9-2021

Building a Trust in COVID 19 Vaccine: Development & Implementation

Title: Building a Trust in COVID 19 Vaccine: Development & Implementation


Dr. Zean Zefenkey
Dr.Waleed Salih Rasheed
Mr. Abdullah Osman Hassan
Ms. Nyan Jasim Mohammed

Organizer: Department of Medical Laboratory Science, College of Science, Knowledge University, and Ministry of Health
Day: Sunday 17/10/2021
Time: 20:00 -22:00
Venue: Online

About the Workshop:
Immunization programs are managing various challenges in the current context of COVID-19 vaccination. This is especially critical in the context of vaccine safety, as many people concern about vaccine safety and efficacy. The purpose of this online workshop is to gather experts and academicians to discuss the development and implementation of the COVID 19 vaccine and support the official and popular efforts to secure complete protection against COVID 19 and its consequences.

Participant Outcome:

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
● Explain how the COVID19 vaccine was created, along with the vaccine contains, and the differences between vaccine types.
● Understand how the immune system works and how vaccines work.
● Identify an adverse event following immunization.
● Share vaccine program evaluation ( factors that impact vaccine uptake and acceptance).

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