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  • 25-09-2021

A visit by Tikrit University delegation to KNU

Mr. President, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor received a delegation from Tikrit University headed by Prof. Dr. Waad Mahmood Raaoof, the president of Tikrit University.The delegation included Dr. Mizel Al Obaidi, Dr. Ali Majid and Mr. Mustafa Majid.

The visit aims to establish ties between the two universities and look for common prospects that will benefit the two.
Tikrit University is one of the prominent national governmental universities in the country with more than 40,000 students and more than 2000 staff & faculty. Tikrit University was established in 1987.

Mr. President then talked about the importance of university rankings and the will to establish such ranking for KNU. Many ideas for cooperation as well as establishing new courses that tackles business management issues were discussed.
Mr. President then took the delegation in a tour to visit the Pharmacy department event “Leveraging Pharmacists To Raise Drug Safety’s Concept: Pharmacovigilanc Quality Data And Insight Symposium”.
The visit was then concluded and both sides agreed on more cooperation as well as mutual visits.