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  • 11-07-2021

South Korean Consul General 2nd Visit to Knowledge University

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kayhan Ghafoor, the President of Knowledge University, received today the South Korean Consul General Mr. Choi Kwangjin and Ms. Ryu Jihyun, the consul. This is the 2nd visit, where the first was on July 4, 2021 ( see news ). The aim of this 2nd visit is to discuss further the idea of having a South Korean Language Center as well as holding mutual cultural events. Mr. Kwangjin wants to initiate the language courses that would be hybrid in terms of delivery (online + teacher) but this is yet to be agreed on. Such center would be the cornerstone for a more elaborative cooperation in the future.

Mr. President then took the guests for a visit to many of the new premises including the VIP Lounge with access to the large cafeteria, the new conference hall and some of the new buildings’ facilities. Mr. Kwangjin and Ms. Jihyun expressed their willingness to work on making such collaboration a successful experience.

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