Department of Computer Science held a Community Activity
  • 28-04-2021

Department of Computer Science held a Community Activity

Department Of Computer Science Held A Community Activity on Gender-based violenceAs part of the series of activities at Knowledge University, the Department of Computer Science organized a community activity for department students. The activity included poster presentation and an organized virtual seminar on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and the Role of Youth. The seminar that was attended by 65 participants showed some documentary on gender based violence and encouraged participants to avoid any forms of gender violence. The activity was welcomed by the participants and several topics relating to gender was discussed to minimize the ratio of violence in the Kurdistan society especially as the social media, ISIS and financial crises in the recent year has increased the gender violence. The activity was important to share awareness on the importance of equality in Kurdistan Society. The activity was held on April 27 and 28 April 2021. The first day of the activity was inside the campus where few poster presented on the walls to prevent gender violence and public awareness on that issue and it was followed by the virtual seminar on the second day.

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