First Aid at Work Training Course
26 Feb, 2022

First Aid at Work Training Course

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  • published: 2022-02-14
  • KNU Library

The Health and Safety Directorate and College Of Science at Knowledge University will organize a training course entitled: First Aid at Work.  


Date: Saturday 26/2/2022 to  Wednesday 2/3/2022 and 6/3/2022

Time: 1:00 pm

Duration: six days

Venue: Library of Knowledge University


Organizer & Speaker:

Mrs.Sahar Hassannejad



Dr.zean Zefenkey


The overview: 

The course provides detailed training of First Aid at work, in order to enable employees to manage a person or persons becoming suddenly ill or suffering an injury at work.

The outcome: 

participants will develop the first aid skills and confidence to help someone who:

  1. is unresponsive and not breathing
  2. Has traumatic Injuries ( bleeding, burns, and skeletal injuries) 
  3. Has urgent medical problems  ( chest pain, seizures, asthma, hyperventilation, hypoglycemia, and fainting)


Day 1: 26/2/2022


Day 2: 27/2/2022

traumatic Injuries ( Bleeding)

Day 3: 28/2/2022

medical problems ( Chest pain, Seizures, and Fainting)

Day 4: 1/3/2022

Traumatic Injuries: Burns

Day 5: 2/3/2022

Hyperventilation, Asthma, Hypoglycemia

Day 6: 6/3/2022

Skeletal injuries

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