Leveraging pharmacists to raise drug safety’s concept: Pharmacovigilanc Quality Data and Insight Symposium
25 Sep, 2021

Leveraging pharmacists to raise drug safety’s concept: Pharmacovigilanc Quality Data and Insight Symposium

  • 09:30:00
  • published: 2021-09-19
  • KNU campus (Conference hall or Online)

On the occasion of World Pharmacist Day, that falls on September 25th under the patronage of the Knowledge University President and the Dean of the College of Pharmacy and under the slogan:

Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health

For the purpose of spreading awareness and perception of the value of the pharmacist in society and the safety of medicines through detection, evaluation, monitoring and prevention of the adverse effects of medicines and pharmaceutical products.The College of Pharmacy is holding a scientific symposium entitled:

Leveraging pharmacists to raise drug safety’s concept: Pharmacovigilanc Quality Data and Insight.

With the support of the Sawa Group of companies for distribution and Marketing of Drug, Medical equipment’s and Devices with the active participation of students of the College of Pharmacy, where there will be:

1. A pharmaceutical exhibition for the drug companies of the Sawa Group.
2. Introductory poster for some of the second stage students.
3. An exhibition of drawings by the student Elaf.
4. Pharmaceutical preparation workshop by students of the second stage.
5.Participation and Raising of the activities of the symposium to the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) where the university and college will be registered in an international and global forum.


1. All the Academic staff at the university.
2. Pharmacists from all provinces inside and outside Kurdistan.
3. College of Pharmacy students.

There will be a certificate of participation for all registrants, provided that they attend on the day of the symposium (online or in the conference hall at the university).
Also there will be a committee from the university to evaluate the best three posters presented by students and a certificate of thanks to all students participating in all scientific activities.

Please register here:

Registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms

Online link:

Google-Meet Link: https://meet.google.com/ujf-bnbs-bym

Local Symposium‘s Program :

Organized by Knowledge University /College of Pharmacy and MOH / Baghdad

Time: (9:30- 12:00)

FIRST SESSION: (9:30 – 10:20)

1. The opening of the symposium with a speech from The President of Knowledge University: Asst.Prof.Dr.Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor (9:30 – 9:40)

2. What is pharmacovigilance in simple terms? by Dean College of Pharmacy: Dr Muath sheet mohammedameen (9:40 - 9:50)

3. MOH / Public Sector‘s role in Pharmacovigilance by Dr. Manal M Younis (Head of Iraqi Pharmacovigilance Center in MOH (9:50 -10:10)

4. Role of Private sector in Drug Safety by Mr.Marwan Fadhil pharmacovigilance manager for Sawa Group (10:10 - 10:20)

Coffee Break , Drug Exhibition and Student’s Poster presentation (10:20 – 11:20)

SECOND SESSION (11:20 - 12: 30 )

1. Herbal Pharmacovigilance by Dr Nohad AlOmari (11.20 - 11:30)

2. Pharmacovigilance in drug industry by Dr. Tariq Waece Sadeq (11:30 - 11:40)

3. Risk management by Dr. Asmaa abdulmajeed ahmed (11:40 - 11:50)

4. Adverse event reporting (Individual Case Safety Report) by Dr. Sahand hawro khaleel (11:50-12:00)

Discussion (Q and A) (12:00- 12:15)

Student Poster Presentation ‘evaluation results) (12:15- 12:30)

Drug Exhibition to be continued

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