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26 Apr, 2021


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Program of Online International Workshop In Occasion of World IP day
Organized by Knowledge University /College of Pharmacy and Iraqi Society of Inventors and Innovators (IIIS)

List of Speakers - (12:00 – 12: 30)
Moderator: Dr.Nohad AlOmari / Scientific Affairs / KNU / College of Pharmacy
1. Mrs. Traiza Jasim Ridha / President of ISII For 15 years
introductory to ISII For 15 years and Iraqi’s Patent applications - (12:00- 12: 15 )
2. Aynampudi Subbarao (A.S.Rao), President of Indian Innovators Association and Academic Director at IFIA (International Federation of Inventors’ Associations)
former Adviser/ Scientist G in DSIR
Title: Talent, IP and Entrepreneurship: Three Pillars of Modern University (12:15- 12:30)
3. PhD Hebatalrahman Dr. Engineer Consultant in Materials Science and Applications, President and Founder of the Egyptian Inventors Syndicate and the Egyptian Invention Society.
New Program Improve University Ranking by IP - (12:30- 12:45)pm
4. Mr. Haitham Hashim Atiyah / Master's degree in Law - University Michigan Western in IP
Artificial Intelligence and PCT - (12:45- 1:00 ) pm
5. Nohad A AlOmari (Pharm , MSc and PhD Pharm. Chemistry) scientific affairs Knowledge University/ College of Pharmacy
Patents as indicators of research impact - (1:00 – 1:15) pm
Break. Q& A - (1:15- 1:30) pm Event Date: 26th April, 2021
Event Time: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM , Baghdad Time (GMT +3)
Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/4tsrhd3s
Meeting Link: https://meet.google.com/tdn-fszz-ksr

Assist. Prof. Nohad A. AlOmari.
I'm working in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and the education sector for about three decades with a proven record, a professional history, curriculum vitae full of accomplishments, patents, and national and international scientific awards. Strong and clear vision to find realistic solutions to various challenges in the field of my passion for the field of pharmaceutical education, chemistry as drug Designer and my love to raise the level of my students in the primary and higher studies. Have more than seven Patents in rational drug design, green chemistry and synthesis of biologically inorganic and organic compounds as anticancer drugs. Awards, Honors &Recognized of Iraqi Women Honor. 2001 and 2016 Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research 2001, 2009, & 2011 Special Award from Young Moo Lee, President of Hanyang University. August 2016.
Special Award from WIPO, Quan-Ling Sim , world intellectual property organization, 2nd Istanbul International Invention Fair ISIF’ 2017. Medal from Ministry of Higher education as the best patent of Medical universities - IRAQ - 2013.
One of the best three patent in all Arab countries, Kuwait City, Kuwait, 2-5 December 2014 One of Women of Chemistry all over the world - 2015- Italy
Many Medal: Silver Medal Syria 2009, Kuwait, 2010 and 2014.. Silver Medal Istanbul 2016, Silver prize (KIWIA and KIPA and KIPO)- South Korea 2018 Gold Prize of Korea Internal Youth Olympia 41 2016 (KIYO 41)- for the Best of the Best invention-South Korea. Special Award - Gold Prize of Korea Internal Youth Olympia 41 2016 (KIYO 41) Hanyang University. South Korea. Gold Medal iENA 2016 - Germany.
The Best international invention (WIPO) -Istanbul International Invention Fair ISIF’17, 2-4-3-2017.- Turkey. Gold Prize (KIWIA and KIPA and KIPO)- South Korea 1 July 2018) .
Special Prize Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition, from president Hyuk J Kwon of KIPI. 1 July 2018. South Korea Golden Prize, successful Women In Chemistry - ACS, AlNahrin University, 2018.

1- Senior chief chemical engenders
2- A consult Engineer at Iraqi Engineers union.
3- 1- The chief of the industrial property department in the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) - ministry of Planning. Forbutale For 15 years.
4- Representative of Iraq the approved member in world intellectual property organization (WIPO) / GENEVA - Switzerland for 8 years
5- Representative of Iraq the approved member in League of Arab States - intellectual property / Cairo - Egypt for 10 years .
6- Representative of Iraq the approved member in Non-Aligned & other developing countries - Science & Technology center / new Delhi – India.
7- She holds a certificate of Arabic expert of Intellectual property approved in the field of Industrial property , Patented & Trade secrets / Amman - Jordan.
8- She holds a certificate of Intellectual property arbitration /Beirut - Lebanon.
9- She holds a supervisor certificate of Engineering arbitration, International Federation of Consulting Engineers (commonly known as FIDIC), (BOT) and Standardization and Quality Control standards / International arbitration center supervised by League of Arab States / Cairo - Egypt.
10- She holds a certificate of counselor in Practicing arbitration – certified international arbitration / International arbitration center / Cairo - Egypt.
11- 11- She holds a training certificate in Intellectual property rights (Patented, Trademarks and copy right) / united states Patent and Trademark Office USPTO / Washington - U.S.A.
12- She holds a participation certificate in a workshop on world Trade Organization (WTO) / The United State Agency for International Development USAID / ministry of Trade - Iraq.
13- She holds a participation certificate of Training course about Uruguayan Round of future multilateral Trade negotiations on Agriculture / Cairo - Egypt.
14- She holds a high training certificate in Intellectual Property Rights / science & Technology center for Non-Aligned & other developing countries (NAM center) / New Delhi – India.
15- She holds a high certificate in counterfeit medicines and illicit competition / the regional office for the industrial property / Sanofi-Aventis company / Paris - France.
16- She holds a training certificate in : The impact of the expansion of the concept of patents on medicines and pharmaceutical compounds in developing countries / Amman - Jordan.
17- She holds a high Training senior leadership certificate / Malesia.
18- She holds a high certificate in the aspect of Textile Industry /Manchester - England.
19- A certified Lecturer in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (Iraq - Jordan - Syria – Egypt - Libya – India).
20- She has many thanks letters and appreciations certifications from inside & outside Iraq and Medal of higher labor.
21- The President of Iraqi Inventors and Innovators society (IIIS), 20 which was adopted at the League Arab (LAC), Science and Technology Center of the non-aligned and developing countries (NAM), and the International federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA).
22- Participation with the special workshops of the international protection to the industrial designs (Hague treaty) supervised by (WIPO) & League of Arab States.
23- Participation with the special workshops of the small & Middiecompanies supervised by (WIPO) & League of Arab States.
Interests, hobbies and activities
1- Excellence administrative expertise technically and legally in the field of diverse intellectual property rights: the patent - industrial design - undisclosed information - Integrated Circuits - plant varieties - trademarks and geographical indications – Trade names, copyright and other related rights.
2- She holds a degree in the field of competence of the intellectual and industrial property rights, laws and qualified to provide technical and legal consultancy to specialized authorities and beneficiaries.
3- Contribute to join treaties and conventions on intellectual property rights that fall within the responsibility of the Organization of (WIPO) to develop these rights in Iraq, similar to other global offices, with the re-laws which govern, to be compatible with the commercial aspects of intellectual property rights(TRIPS) one of (WTO) agreements.
published Researches
1- Intellectual property rights in Iraq / the magazine of Science and Technology Center for Non-Aligned countries, and developing countries (NAM S&T Center) / 2012.
2- The Role of State Institutions & Civil Society Organizations in the Scientific Development of the Talent and Innovation in Young People in Iraq / the magazine of Science and Technology Center for Non-Aligned countries, and developing countries (NAM S&T Center) / 2016.

هبة الرحمن أحمد مصرية الجنسية ولدت وعاشت بالقاهرة
مصرية ولدت بالقاهرة دكتور مهندس استشاري علوم المواد وتطبيقاتها رئيس ومؤسس نقابة المخترعين المصريين والجمعية المصرية للمخترعات تخرجت من هندسة القاهرة وحصلت علي الدبلوم والماجستير في تطبيقات الليزر من جامعة القاهرة وعلي الدكتوراه من هولندا في علم المواد وإدارة المشروعات الهندسية ، صاحبت حوالي 53 براءة اختراع في مجال علوم المواد وتطبيقاتها وحوالي 75 بحث علمي منشور ومجموعة من الكتب والمؤلفات تصل لحوالي 15 مؤلف كامل الي جانب 3 فصول من كتب -اربع برامج وقواعد بيانات مسجلة - وحاصلة علي 150 جائزة وتكريم من كافة دول العالم - رئيس ومؤسس -*عضو مجلس إدارة اتحاد المخترعين الأفارقة-عضو اتحاد المهندسين الامريكيين (AES)-عضو الاتحاد الامريكي للعلوم والتكنولوجيا (AASCIT) ، واحدة من أفضل 100 عالم 2012م طبقا لتصنيف كمبريدج-بريطانيا، مدرجة في موسوعة Who is Who Marques العالمية لأصحاب الإنجازات المميزة 2012 في مجالهم
حاصلة علي جائزة أسحق نيوتن العالمية في مجال علوم المواد- الولايات المتحدة الامريكية وكأس اتحاد شبكات المخترعين الافارقة - النيجر- ووسام الملك سانجور، كوريا الجنوبية وجائزة الشباب العربي المميز في البحث العلمي والاختراع، مجلس الشباب العربي للتنمية المتكاملة جامعة الدول العربية،
Egyptian born in Cairo, Dr. Engineer Consultant in Materials Science and Applications, President and Founder of the Egyptian Inventors Syndicate and the Egyptian Invention Society. graduated from Cairo university faculty of Engineering and obtained diploma and masters in laser applications from Cairo University and PhD from the Netherlands in materials science and engineering project management.,53 patent 75 published scientific papers and a collection of books and literature up to about 15 complete books in addition to 3 chapters of books - four registered programs and databases - won 150 awards and honors from all countries of the world -Member Union of African Inventors board - Member of the Union of Americans Engineers (AES) - Member of the American Association for Science and Technology (AASCIT), one of the top 100 scientists in 2012 according to the Cambridge-Britain classification, included in the global encyclopedia Who is Who as outstanding achievements in their field 2012
She is the recipient of the Isaac Newton International Prize in the field of materials science USA. the Federation of African Inventors Networks Cup - Niger - the King Sangor Medal, South Korea, and the Distinguished Arab Youth Award in Scientific Research and Invention, Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development, League of Arab States

Haitham Hashim Atiyah
I worked as a lawyer from 2001 to 2006 and became an expert in intellectual property after graduating from the Department of Intellectual Property at the Western Michigan University in 2015 to the present day.
Personal information
Date of birth :- 10/04/1977 Nationality :- An American citizen and Iraqi
Contact UAE:- +971545494346
Address UAE: Altawon St. Sharjah
Contact USA: +16167109105
Address USA: 3874 Rowland Dr Se, Grand rapids , MI
Email:- haitham_usa77@yahoo.com
* Master's degree in Law - University Michigan Western studied IP for two years from 2013-2015 .
* Turath College, Baghdad, Iraq, 1996-2001 Bachelor's degree in law .

* Tatwan Secondary School, Baghdad, Iraq, 1993-1996 General Secondary /

Literary Department. Membership and unions *Member of the Michigan Intellectual Property Law Association 2018- Present.
* Member of the Young American Bar Association 2015 - to date.
* Member of the Iraqi Bar Association in 2001-2006.
* Member of the Iraqi Human Rights Association, 2001-2006 .
Work and experience
My Specialization: Intellectual Property Law: Copyright Law, patent law, trade-Mark law, intellectual Property Challenges in the Twenty-First Century ( digital rights management (DRMs), data protection, freelance authorship and publishing, branding, specially media and social media) . Intellectual Property Law in a Business Context ,Intellectual Property Litigation .
* Michigan Intellectual Property Law Association (MIPLA). I Working with a group of intellectual property lawyers in a legal researcher and consultant .
* Kentwood County School Teacher for Refugee Affairs 2016-2018
* A volunteer lawyer for your local Justice for Neighbors organization in West Michigan is an organization that cares about migrants and has been working to help settle, fill out, review and follow up on their requests.
* An official of the International Relations Department of the American Red Cross, West Michigan 2013-2015
* Legal Researcher American Electronic Magazine 2001-2006 Lawyer.
❖ I worked in the Visiting Lecture program with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research 2018-2019:
* I have a lecture with Nahrain University / Faculty of Law.
* University of Iraq / Faculty of Law and Political Science .
* National Heritage University / Department of Law .
* Karbala University / Faculty of Law .
* Babylon University / Faculty of Law.
* Baghdad University / Faculty of Law .
* University of Southern Technology / Basra - Training of the university staff
* University of Wasit / Faculty of Law .
* Fallujah University / Faculty of Law.
* Diyala University / Faculty of Law .
* I worked as a lecturer of the patent examination course FOR command of Dubai Police Nov 28-29, 2019.
Articles and research
❖ Refusing to register the "Stop Islamization of America" trademark from the Court of Appeal.
❖ An overview of cybercrime in the Middle East and comparative law and its impact on freedom of opinion.
❖ Research academic principles of intellectual property in the Middle East and the Arab countries.

Subbarao Aynampudi
(https://www.linkedin.com/in/indiainvents) Aynampudi Subbarao (A.S.Rao), former Adviser/ Scientist G in DSIR is now offering services as an innovation consultant. He is currently President of Indian Innovators Association and Academic Director at IFIA (International Federation of Inventors’ Associations)
Work experience
• Director (Innovation and Incubation), VNRVJIET, Hyderabad
• Visiting Professor (Innovation & Incubation), IIT, Hyderabad
• Director (Innovation), CIIE, IIM, Ahmedabad
• Adviser, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.
Publications (Books)
• Management of Technology Change(1994)
• Promoting Innovation in cluster (2013)
• Patent IPR Licensing- Technology Commercialisation – Innovation
Marketing- Guide Book for Researchers, Innovators (2017) • Andhra Entrepreneurs-past, present and future (2018)
• Creating Demand for Local Innovations- Global best practices (2019)
Mentor/ evaluator
• Head, TePP, DSIR, GOI
• SIH, 2017.2018,2019,2020
• CII since 2015
• Indian Innovators Association
• MIT Elevate Prize
Specialties: R&D project management, Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, Taking innovation to market, igniting minds, startup support, unleashing creativity, open innovation network, Innovation Cluster
Verticals: Food, Agriculture, water, sanitation, Medical devices, Renewable energy, pollution control, sports technology, construction