Department of Business Administration Held a National Workshop
02 Dec, 2020

Department of Business Administration Held a National Workshop

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  • published: 2020-11-01
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On Wednesday, December 2, 2021 the Department of Business Administration at Knowledge University held a national workshop on the Course Module Preparation entitled “preparing course module based on Bologna Process.” The workshop was organized by the department of Business Administration where Dr.Nabaz Nawzad Abdullah, head of Business Administration Department, and Dr Safaa Mustafa Hameed, the director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation presented 3 hours workshop. The main objectives of this workshop was to help faculty members to be able to prepare course module for the first semester based on Bologna Process which is just started to be implemented at the University. Participants practically tried to implement the recommendations during the workshop. The workshop was a good start towards better implementation of Bologna Process at Knowledge University. The workshop was conducted inside the University Campus where 37 faculty members participated.

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