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  • 28-08-2020

The summer reexamination are going online

The end of the academic year 2019/2020 examination might have a very special place in the history of higher education in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). As the global lockdown measures against Coronavirus Pandemic was announced in early March 2019 in the region, all universities were shut-down. Knowledge University (KNU) Council unanimously decided to continue with the academic year online and make all learning materials available to its academic community. This clearly brought many changes to our traditional way of providing our academic services but we relied heavily on our academic community to adapt with the new unpresented working conditions from the comfort of their home using online means. 
KNU managed to proceed with the end of the examination using Google Classroom in late June 2020 successfully. There has been both for and against feedback using the online e-Learning approach which is mostly rooted in shifting from a passive learning process to more independent self-discipline study/teaching pace for our academic community. KNU chose to use Google Classroom for its simplicity and widely spread self-training materials in different languages. It provides an all inclusive cloud responsive platform which fits best to power and internet drawbacks that are common in the region. 

Now from Aug 10th 2020 Knowledge University has started its online summer regamination to fully conclude this academic year. Students who failed their examinations in Dec 2019 and June 2020 will have this second chance to do reexamination. The process has been smooth and there are clear indications of an experienced community that has picked up the culture of dealing with their educational duties using Google Classroom

At Knowledge University (KNU) we continue to work on the Google Classroom and provide the learning martials parallel with in campus education. This will compensate for the education process interruptions that occur every so often. We hope to improve our experiences of using the Google Classroom by receiving more hands in feedback from our educators and learners.

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