Vice President

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Dear professors, students and associates

At the outset, I am honored to welcome you to the university’s website, and I am grateful to have received the position of Assistant President of Knowledge University for Scientific Affairs. I thank the “University Trustees’ Authority that assigned me this task and the great scientific responsibility. I also have to refer to the important role that the teaching staff plays for faculties in their various departments. Who works in the spirit of one team, each according to its specialization, to reach the desired goal, believing in the comprehensive vision of building a generation capable of reaching leadership and taking its role in society, and from here I pledge to work with sincerity, honesty, seriousness and commitment to the laws and regulations in force according to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research Scientific .

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the university’s employees for their efforts in serving the university, and I stress that, with His Almighty’s permission, we walk on the right path and progress with great strides, because hope is in our hearts beating action and the dream is in our conscience, that the success we are looking for stems from commitment to the values of cooperation, teamwork and openness in a scientific environment dominated by mutual respect and good morals, hence the role of the university presidency and the university's teaching staff in providing a learning environment that motivates students to excel and creativity and contribute to community service and qualify them to become leaders and pioneers in the future with keenness on cooperation because it is the secret of our success and from it we derive our conviction that Knowledge University will achieve many successes that put it at the forefront of distinguished universities in the region and Iraq as a prestigious academic institution.

Finally, I announce that the doors to the Presidency of Knowledge University will be wide open and that I will be at your service to hear your opinions, suggestions and criticisms.... And Allah is the Grantor of success

Assist.Prof. Dr. Emad Sadradeen Hameed

Assistant President of Knowledge University for Scientific Affairs