QA Evaluation

Quality Assurance in Knowledge University based on tools that help the assessment team to record evidence, this system leads to certain accuracy to make the judgment and to conduct the annual QA report. The philosophy and methodology proposed focuses on the experiences of assessors to ensure the quality of the university in addition and follow the high standards of the national and international ranking. The multiplicity of tools and methods used serve the accuracy of the verdicts, as well as discussions and exchange expertise between members of the QA team, Assessment tools require the use of two methods of evaluation Qualitative Assessment and Quantitative Assessment.

Qualitative Assessment:

It is the use of tools and methods, including discussions, interviews, observations, analyzing records, case studies, measurements, questionnaires, the information, data, and evidence collected by the team members have to be analyzed and summarized, the results and the verdicts show the quality of the university performance.

Quantitative Assessment:

In this method, team members are focusing on the facts in a digital form and the elements of the performance of the university in terms of the quantity of each, separately, it is important to focus on the whole quality of inputs, processes, and outputs. The integration between the two methods (qualitative and quantitative), following the standards established, the evidence, the use of tools, and group discussions illustrate the final verdicts for the university in terms of the quality of the performance.