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BA in Business Adminstration



The Bachelor degree in business administration is a four-year program that provides students with comprehensive knowledge of business theories and models and their application to real-world situations. The program also reflects business thoughts and practices within the regional and international arena. The department starts to apply the bologna process starting from 2020 to reflect the real market situation and fulfil organizational needs. 


The bachelor degree in Business Administration is an 8-semester program and students are required to accumulate 240-credit (ECTS). The program designed to meet market needs and allows students to find better opportunities and analyse real business and management-related problems. The new Bologna-based curriculum supports student’s leadership quality and urges students to rely on their abilities to become a leader in profit, non-profit and public organizations. The program allows students to think outside of the box and enhance their analytical and decision-making skills. Students will be equipped with the latest knowledge and practice in key areas as management, marketing, HR, finance, accounting, and economics. 



  • Maintain its position as a leading business administration department.
  • To develop contacts with university alumni to innovate program portfolio and make sure our graduates get placement in labour market.
  • Develop more on-job training to its students to enrich students with learning by doing education.
  • More investment in research and development to educate future business leader and produce high-quality research. 


  • To provide a framework in applying appropriate business models in decision-making situations.
  • To provide a general understanding of the fundamental areas of administration science.
  • To support students with effective critical and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To encourage students to learn and analyse contemporary issues in business and management fields.


Career Opportunity

·         Assistant administrator

·         Assistant manager

·         Bank officer

·         Business consultant

·         Contract negotiator

·         Corporate trainer

·         Event planner

·         Financial analyst

·         Human Resources (HR) Specialist

· Logistic supervisor

· Management associate

· Management trainee

· Market Research Analyst

· Merchandiser

· Office manager

· Operation manager

· Program manager

· Project administrator

· Project coordinator or manager

· Public servant

· Sales associate 

· Shift supervisor

· Team leader

· Travel agent


· Mode of Study:  Full-time

·         Duration: 4 years

·         Number of Semesters: 8 semester

·         Number of Credits: 240 ECTS

·         Number of Modules: 37

Skills Development

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Describe and apply fundamental concepts and relationships underlying HR, economics, finance, management, marketing, leadership, accounting and management.
  • Apply quantitative skills to analyse and solve business problems, discover opportunities, and think and manage strategically.
  • Understand international business and contemporary business issues.
  • Communicate effectively and demonstrate entrepreneurial business competency. 
  • Make a management decision and lead business and public organizations. 
  • Demonstrate analytical effective analytical problem-solving skills. 
  • Develop leadership skills and communicate freely with entrepreneurial and creative mind-set


·         Midterm Exam

·         Final Exam

·         Project

·         Seminar

·         Quizzes

·         Essays

·         Case analysis

·         Assignments

·         Class participation

·         Presentations

·         Others

Admission Criteria

High school certificate or 5 years’ diploma certificate and have obtained a high school average score of 55% or above.


Contact Information

Note: For Academic Year 2020-21 applications, please email or call: 0750 3000 600 - 0750 3000 700 - 0750 3000800 or visit KNU Registry Office through these contact Information 

Tuition Fee

IQD 2.250.000 per year