The University's Admissions Office is at the heart of putting the university's mission into practice by admitting those applicants who will be best able to benefit from an education here.

The Admissions Office manages a fair, transparent and consistent admissions process to Knowledge University (KNU) undergraduate programs, providing advice and support to prospective students and academic departments.

Working with the wider University Community, national educational centers as well as the government on a wide range of admissions-related issues, the Admissions Office ensures compliance with University regulations and regional and national ministry of higher education (MHE) legislation.

The Admissions Office is a part of the directorate for Student Affair and Vice President for Student and Administration Affairs (VPSA) at Knowledge University.

In this office we deal with all admissions which includes:

- Processing undergraduate applications
- Handling admissions inquiries
- Making offers
- Checking matriculation requirements
- Assessing fee status
- Advising on home and international qualifications
- Producing management information for your colleges - - -Nevertheless, advising on your university matters.

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