Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The mission of Knowledge University (KNU) is to contribute to society through the pursuit of a market driven student-centred sustainable education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. Empowering students to realise their intellectual, academic, and professional potential to seek knowledge, affirm skills and ensure excellence as well as stimulating economic vitality in the region. 

Our Vision

We will be recognised globally for the excellence of our unique approach to education, research and innovation that will further inspire our stakeholders to transform how the world is understood, how knowledge and skills are created and shared, and the way that global problems are solved in a world-class, world-changing university where graduates are created to change lives.

Our Core Values

Here at KNU we commit ourselves to the following core values:

  • Integrity: acting in an honest, fair, and ethical manner, creating a culture of trust evident in all University activities and decision-making.
  • Excellence: serving our scholarly community by delivering consistently high-quality programs, teaching, service, and scholarship.
  • Inclusion: cultivating an inclusive learning, living, and working community, facilitating the success of all people, and supporting all individuals.
  • Accountability: ensuring academic integrity and value through wise management of resources entrusted to the University.
  • Respect: embracing diversity and treating others collegially with civility, openness, and professionalism in all interactions, activities, and decision-making, having freedom of thought and expression in mind.
  • Collaboration: working toward common goals with others in the University and the community while valuing teamwork, participation, and diversity of ideas and perspectives.
  • Innovation: encouraging, considering, and supporting development of ideas by fostering individual ingenuity and creativity and creating an environment with opportunities for growth and change in our green sustainable education strategies.
  • e-Smart: working paperless, transparent and providing assets information to whom it matters putting into context our green sustainable education strategies in a state-of-art electronic wise academic community.

About Knowledge University

Knowledge University (KNU) is a private university located in the city of ErbilKurdistan Region of Iraq. KNU provides diverse higher education, research and consultancy to all its students via such programs as Engineering, Science, Law, Business, Economy and Teacher Education. KNU is also renowned for maintaining one of the best quality campuses in Iraq with green, sustainable program objectives and outcomes throughout its activities. KNU encourages its academic community to seek knowledge, affirm skills and ensure excellence in their academic and professional achievements. KNU intends to expand its program and become a leading educational institute of science and humanities with e-Smart academic community.

Please visit our campus on your next visit to Erbil, the hub and capital city of Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

KNU Mission Statement