knowledge university news
  • 13-10-2021

knowledge University presidency met with a delegation from the Aynda Technical Institute

In order to create cooperation between Knowledge University and Aynda Institute for students of the institute who wish to continue studying in their department to obtain a bachelor's degree, Today, Asst.Prof.Dr.Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor the president of Knowledge University accompanied by Vice President of the University met with a delegation led by the dean of the Aynda Institute and the head of the institute's departments, and reached the signing of a memorandum of understanding.

One of the sections of understanding was the benefit of Aynda institute graduates by reducing the annual tuition fee for all departments of Knowledge University for all academic years by %15 .
rnThis is in addition to the annual discounts made by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
In order to benefit from this discount, students must submit a letter of support for Aynda Institute to The Knowledge University when receiving the form.