KNU Announcing Vacancy for a qualified VSAA

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Knowledge University (KNU) is located in the immediate outskirts of Erbil the Capital of Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). The university is positioned on a vast expanding green campus. KNU is working with the vision to become the leading institute for green sustainable education, KNU strives to become a market-driven university. Currently, we have a vacancy for the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). We are looking for a talented colleague to become a leading member of our team to play a major role in shaping our future.

The Vice President, Academic Affairs has primary leadership responsibilities for planning, implementing, and coordinating the educational programs of the College. In assuming these responsibilities, the Vice President must work closely with the President, Academic Deans, other administrators, and members of the academic members.

As leader of academic affairs, the VPAA guides the establishment of overall directions for the university’s academic programs. The VAPP anticipates future developments in higher education and their impact on the university, identifies the threats and opportunities they pose, and evaluates the needs inherent in meeting those challenges creatively and effectively. The VPAA is responsible for ensuring the academic quality of all departments, programs, and services within the academic affairs unit through the appropriation and allocation of necessary resources, through the oversight of hiring and evaluation activities, and through the establishment and coordination of policies and priorities. 

If you BELIEVE that you are the right person, a PhD holder with characteristics such as;

+ Experience from a similar position
+ Great sense of Teamwork for inclusive solutions
+ Have the first-hand experiences of your leadership and managerial role
+ Have international experience
+ Proven skills in the English language
+ Comfortable with applied IT in your day to day work
+ Good knowledge of the regional QA process in higher education
+ Good knowledge in implementing the Bologna Process and ECTS development
+ Good publication records
+ Willing to go the extra mile...

Please let's have a Skype meeting or an informal meeting.


دەربارەی زانکۆی نۆلچ

زانکۆی نۆلج (KNU) زانکۆیەکی تایبەتە (ئەهلییە)، کە لە پارێزگای هەولێر لە هەرێمی کوردستان-عیراق هەڵکەوتووە. زانکۆی نۆلج  بە هەبوونی چەندین  بەرنامەی پێشکەوتوو و بەشی ئەکادیمی جیاواز وەک: بەشی ئەندازیاری، زانست، یاسا، بازرگانی، ئابووری و  بەشی پێگەیاندنی مامۆستا، دەرفەتی خوێندنی باڵا و توێژینەوە و ڕاوێژکاری هەمەجۆر بۆ هەموو قوتابیەکانی دابیندەکات. هەروەها زانکۆکەمان خاوەنی باشترین و بەناوبانگترین کەمپووسی زانکۆیی بە باشترین کواڵیتی و ئامانجی پرۆگرامەکانی هاوچەرخ و ژینگە پارێز لە عیراق دا هەیە. زانکۆی نۆلێج هانی کۆمەڵگە ئەکادیمییەکەی بۆ زانستخوازی، کارامەیی و پێشەنگی لە دەستکەوتە ئەکادیمی و پیشەییەکانی دەدات. زانکۆکەمان بەنیازە پرۆگرامەکانی خوێندنی فراوان بکات و ببێتە بنکەیەکی ئەکادمیی پێشەنگ لە بوارەکانی زانستی و زانستە مرۆڤایەتییەکان لە کۆمەڵگەی ئەکادیمی ئەلەکترۆنی زیرەک (ئی- سمارت) دا.

تکایە، لە گەشتی داهاتووتان بۆ هەولێر پایتەختی هەرێمی کوردستان-عیراق سەردانی زانکۆکەمان بکەن. بە بینینتان خۆشحاڵ دەبین.

KNU Announcing Vacancy for a qualified VSAA